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Labor Shortage in Homebuilding

May 3rd, 2021 | Blog, Homebuilding

Even before the pandemic shook the economy hard last year, the construction industry was experiencing a labor crisis. During the past ten or so years, the construction industry has seen a sharp decline in the number of skilled workers able and willing to work in construction. Even with millions of people still out of work in April 2021, the homebuilding industry is struggling to find enough skilled laborers to fill the roles.

This has only been exasperated by a boom in housing demand across the US. fueled by historically low interest rates, single-family housing is in desperate short supply and homebuilders across the country are scrambling to put together teams to complete these projects. President and CEO of Associated Builders and Contractors, Michael Bellman, predicted that “an impressive 430,000 more construction workers still need to be hired in 2021 to meet the demand.” Certain growth scenarios presented by ABC predict that up to 1 million workers could be needed to meet the demand.

Homebuilding is a dynamic, growth-minded industry looking for driven, capable workers with a variety of experiences and backgrounds. A career in homebuilding offers competitive wages, an abundance of opportunity for growth, and the ability to impact communities for generations to come.

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