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In every major basin, SECCA Search Group is trusted to deliver candidates who will elevate your business.


High-Pressure Business Demands Refined Professionals

High-Pressure Business Demands Refined Professionals

As you know, midstream operations often include the most demanding and complex phases of oil and gas services. Companies like yours are competing to continuously maximize returns by boosting efficiency, safety and precision. One of the most critical components to all of this is to employ elite professionals with demonstrable education, experience and accomplishments in their specialized fields.

SECCA Search Group is heavily immersed in executive search and recruitment for midstream services across the United States. Our intricate, proven approach to sourcing and delivering prime candidates lets you focus on your business – while we’re hard at work for you.

Transport Your Business to the Next Level of Success

We understand the intricacies of your business. Our advanced recruitment practices enable us to present highly coveted talent for your most critical operations – including the transport, storage, terminal operations, processing and marketing of crude oil and natural gas. SECCA excels at filtering out the excess from a vast pool of applicants – to provide you with refined, solid candidates experienced in:

  • Field Processing
  • NGL Processing
  • Terminal and Tank Storage
  • LNG Handling
  • Petrochemical Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Transmission

With our extensive footprint of connections throughout the nation, SECCA sources exceptional candidates across a variety of disciplines and career levels.



  • COO
  • President
  • Vice President


  • Midstream Manager
  • Area Manager


  • Director of Business Development
  • Director of Supply and Marketing
  • Business Development Manager
  • Asset Manager


  • VP of Engineering
  • Engineering Manager
  • Sr. Project Manager
  • Sr. Process Engineer
  • Project Engineer

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